Vacation 2017 Day 10 – York Beach- Bangor & MDI, Maine

After another lovely breakfast at our B&B we left to head up the coast to Mount Desert Island, Maine.

The highway took us through Bangor, so I had the idea to stop and get lunch and try to find Steven King’s House. We got off the highway and headed for Sea Dog Brewing company on Front street right on the Penobscott River I love the Sea Dog Blueberry Ale! I had a glass with my Garlic burger. The beer was so refreshing and the burger was great! We sat out on the terrace which overlooked the river. It was very hot but we had a nice time there anyway.

Afterward, it was just a short drive to Steven Kings House. I’ve seen pictures of his house and I always imagined it somewhere on a rural road in Bangor with no other houses around. The pictures I had seen had the house surrounded with large hedges that covered the surrounding fence. It’s not though! It’s actually in a neighborhood which has mostly other Gothic style houses on a residential street. I was amazed. Gone were the high hedges as well!


Isn’t that house gorgeous? We got a selfie in front of it but I can’t locate it at the moment. I imagined he was inside writing his next amazing novel. I don’t think he was in though. It was really fun to see. One of those once in a lifetime things, you know?

At Bangor we were about 1.25 hours from our destination of Southwest Harbor, on Mount Desert Island Maine. We stayed with Eric’s cousin LeAnne and her husband Dice in a lovely little 3/2 on a road in the woods of Mount Desert Island. Awesome place. I think we arrived around 4 or 5 pm. We got the grand tour and we settled into our lovely little room which was beautifully decorated and cozy.

For dinner we had steaks. The food was great. We sat around and talked and played Rumikube into the night. It was fun! We slept with the windows open and the ceiling fan on and it was wonderfully cool. Probably in the 60’s. A nice change of pace from needing the air conditioning at night because it’s still 80 degree’s outside.

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