Vacation 2017 Day 9 – York Beach, Maine

On our first full morning in York, we ate our breakfast out on the covered porch and talked with a couple at an adjacent table. They were nice and we had nice conversation.

Our first stop of the day was Stonewall Kitchen. This is the best place. They have the Stonewall Kitchen corporate offices, a restaurant and a company store. We got a couple of chicken related items and all kinds of Exotic jam’s and dressings and dips. We did a little less than $100 damage there but we got a lot of stuff. It was so much fun!

After we drove through York Beach to the Cape Neddick, Nubble lighthouse. We were lucky to find a place to park in the park at this lovely little light house out on a rock. You can’t go near it because people are not allowed on the island but there is a great view from the rock. We literally watched the fog overtake the light house while we were there climbing the rocks and taking pictures. It was really an amazing sight.

If you go:

– Be prepared to circle a few times to find a parking spot. Parking is limited and the popularity is great.
– Wear comfortable shoes that are appropriate for climbing rocks. Don’t wear heels or sandals.
– Bring your camera. There are wonderful vistas in this area and you can get great pictures.


We headed to downtown York beach for lunch. We parked in a large field which was all day parking for $10 payable on the honor system (as is delightfully used in many places and things in Maine) and walked into downtown. This was not my first time in York Beach (it was in fact, my second time) and it is so charming. Little shops everywhere plus eating establishments and a zoo / amusement park.

We ate at The Coffee Grounds, a delightful little place adjacent to the Zoo. The Food was great. We met a family from Tampa at a nearby table. So that was fun. Our server was delightful and accommodating. I have to highly recommend this place for food if you are ever in the area.

We walked around checking out the shops and stopped also at Goldenrod Kisses which is a local lunch place and candy shop. They specialize in saltwater taffy. They make it on these old machines that they have been using for years. It’s fun to watch the taffy get pulled and cut and packaged. This is a must stop in York Beach.

We walked on Short Sands Beach and the water was so cold! (about 54 degrees) and checked out the tide pools but quickly decided that the water was far to cold for us old timers and we went back to the sand.

We hit the arcade, and played a game of candle pin bowling before heading back to the car to go back to the inn to get ready for dinner.

We decided that we wouldn’t go to the Sun and Surf restaurant because we didn’t remember it being so expensive (or perhaps we had less responsibility and more discretionary income back then.) We opted for Inn on the Blues for dinner so my husband could get fried clams. It was good. We were seated inside/outside (under the roof but open to the air) and as the sun set it got cool I was so glad to have brought my sweater because I was too chilly.

I ate their flatbread sandwich which was ah-mazing! But their sweet tea was too sweet even by the south’s standards. I ended up having to mix sweet and un-sweet tea, ultimately. I liked this place and they were just setting up a band right near out table and we made our departure before they started to play. We headed back to our inn for a relaxing night in our big cozy bed.

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