Granny Circle?

So I am trying to re-teach myself to crochet.  When I was a kid I learned how to do it either from my mother or my grandmother.  I do remember doing the crochet up at my grandmothers cabin upstate New York.  I used to carry around a little basket of yarn with my hooks and do it in my spare time.  This was when i was less than 10 years old.  I could crochet the hell out of a granny square.  What’s changed?  A few years to say the least.

A few years ago i decided to try to learn how to Crochet again.   I actually bought some classes on Craftsy

I got a basic crochet class and learned some basic stitches and made myself the tech coozy project taught in the first part of the class.  It’ came out alright and i used it for my phone for a while.   It’s still floating around here somewhere.

Anyway, I had ordered 2 classes, “Crochet Lab” and “Mastering Foundation Stitches.  Life got in the way and I didn’t look at these classes for years.  I couldn’t even remember my log in.

One day I saw on Facebook an advertisement for  a “Crochet 101” class at a local folk school, so I signed up for it.    My first class was a rough start. I had forgotten more than I thought.  So they retaught me Single Crochet and half double crochet.  I made a dishcloth in that class.  Actually, 2 dishcloths using single crochet and half double crochet stitches.  They also introduced me to pattern reading.  There is a crochet 102 class available but I think I have missed it.

Anyway I decided I wanted to make a crochet blanket using what a new and some pretty yarn I purchased for this purpose.  I decided to make granny squares and then piece then together to make a blanket. Well I couldn’t remember how to do a granny square so I looked to the internet.  I did many tutorials on granny squares.  I couldn’t quite master the magic circle method because I couldn’t get it right.  So I used the chain method and each and every time my granny squares were granny circles!!! (see the picture above)

I can’t understand why they end up as circles.  I follow the tutorial (video and otherwise) to the letter and they never come out square.  I don’t know what I am doing wrong!  So frustrating.

If you know of any great tutorials that I have not yet seen please let me know!  I want to succeed in this!!

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