American Horror Story: Cult

Does anyone else think this is the most amazing and most disturbing season of American Horror Story. I thought Asylum and Hotel were the most disturbing but then I saw Cult.  I have changed my mind.

It is also very timely.    It couldn’t be more timely.  In this political climate of “deplorables”, “snowflakes” and “safe spaces” , this is most congruent with reality.

The series is based around a married lesbian couple who own a restaurant called “The Butchery on Main” They also have a child named Oz. (short for Ozymandias. Named after a Percy Shelly poem about a king, how interesting) This isn’t just your average lesbian couple.  One, Ally, played brilliantly by Sarah Paulson, who is a troubled women with many phobia’s which greatly  intensify after the 2016 Election of Donald Trump to the presidency.  The other half of this couple is Ivy, played by Alison Pill (of The Newsroom)

Now, hasn’t this last election stressed everyone out? Admit it, it did whether you were for or against Trump it was very stressful with all the negative talk and back biting between Clinton and Trump.  Enough to make anyone throw up their hands and shout ENOUGH!

The cult in Cult is led by Kai Anderson (played by Evan Peters), a Trump supporter, and a manipulative man forms a cult of individuals fed up with the political climate of the United States. Kai utilizes the fear inflicted upon the community by the cult’s violent actions to strengthen his campaign for a seat on his city counsel.  The cult murders people around the down to inspire fear.

The plot of this installment just twists and turns and no one is safe and no one can be trusted it seems.  If you aren’t watching you should be!


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