Limelight Liquid Sunshine

All the illumination without the commitment!


I live  in the Sunshine State but it has been decidedly NOT Sunny in the last week. I could use some color!

This liquid bronzer is a great way to add some “sunshine” to your skin. It has a bit of sparkle so it will catch the light and make you look luminscent. Gorgeous on legs, arms, and decollete.

This non-permanent  liquid bronzer is for your body and for your face!  It won’t turn your hands orange!  And it washes off with soap and water!  How cool is that?. And it’s only $28 for a huge tube!

Use it on arms, legs and chest where ever you want little glow!  Use it in place of your powder bronzer! This is a summer must have!

This is available here at 3 pm today!


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