Limelight by Alcone Series #7 Skin Care /Serums and Oils- One Drop Wonder



THEN you need this product.  It is a beauty miracle…


Today’s product is One Drop Wonder.

One Drop Wonder, in my opinion, is the star of Limelight’s skin care show. This is an exceptional skin care discovery.

This little bottle contains only one ingredient. It is so beneficial to your skin we could fill dozens of pages, as many scientists have, outlining its benefits. , Here is our One Drop Wonder in a hedge ball (the farmers’ nick-name for the fruit that produces it):

One Drop Wonder is Pomifera Oil TM cold-pressed extracted from the Osage Orange fruit seed. It is full of super antioxidants, rich in Omega-6, and UV protective. It repairs damaged and aged skin cells and helps heal many common skin issues, including rosacea. The improvement this incredible oil produces is immediate and truly impressive. For more information about Pomifera Oil and it’s benefits and uses please refer to my post on Pomifera Oil.

One Drop Wonder is good for:

  • All Skin Types


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