Eye Aspire

Ahead of the launch this this afternoon I wanted to educate on Limelight’s new and much anticipated eye cream!  This has been in the works for a while and because our chemist is very particular she wanted to make sure it was going to do what it says it’s going to do.  But today it’s finally here!!

Eye Aspire uses naturally derived yet highly effective ingredients to reverse signs of aging (and aren’t we all looking for that?) around the eye area.  These active ingredients will reduce fine lines and puffiness, eliminate age spots and lighten dark circles under the eye.

The primary ingredient is ALOE.  We constantly hear about how aloe is the best thing for moisturizing your skin. Aloe vera has been used as a healing element for skin damage for centuries, but it is also effective at fighting other types of skin care issues, such as dryness and wrinkles. Aloe is the clear sap  that is inside those spiky leaves of the Aloe Vera plant.   You may have one in your back yard.  . Most aloe vera moisturizers are created by combining the sap with other ingredients, such as hydrating humectants and emollients, to soothe and moisturize the skin. Humectants are moisturizers that not only prevent the loss of moisture but can attract moisture out of the environment.  An emollient help keep the skin moist and supple by reducing water loss from the epidermis, the outer layer of skin. An emollient provide a protective film.  Finally, when applied daily, an aloe  can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles by keeping the skin hydrated and boosting the skin’s own natural regenerative abilities. It also contains a number of natural antioxidants that help the skin flush out toxins that may contribute to wrinkles.

Aspen Bark–  is extracted from the bark of the American Aspen tree,originates in the northwesten areas of North America where it grows in vast colonies that originate from a single seedling, sprouting root suckers (new stems) from the far reaching roots. So this is a completely sustainable ingredient.  The bark of the Aspen tree is rich in salicylates which can be helpful in acne and have skin smoothing properties and  gentle defoliants  which smooth the under eye area and reduce puffiness and inflammation.

Carob -Carob is a sweet and healthy substitute for chocolate.  You may know that carob is used in “chocolate” treats for dogs because it is safe for dogs unlike chocolate which contain methalxanthines which is very bad for dogs. The carob tree, or Ceratonia siliqua, has fruit that looks like a dark brown pea pod, which carries pulp and seeds. Using it for health benefits goes back 4,000 years to ancient Greece. Carob soothes inflammation as it moisturizes, heals skin disturbances, evens skin tone, and gives a good dose of Anti-oxidants.

Sea Algae – Help to firm and smooth under eye skin and help prevent problems.

Hexapeptide11- is derived from yeast  Studies on human dermal fibroblasts show it can up-regulate  key genes responsible for collagen production and hyaluronic acid.  It is a valuable anti-aging amino acid sequence in proteins that respond to stresses in the skin and body.  It can repair wrinkles and fine lines by helping produce collagen in the under eye area.

Eye Aspire comes with a ceramic applicator which is naturally cold and can provide immediate de-puffing under the eye.  Kept in the refrigerator, it will enhance this benefit.

Studies have shown that there will be dramatic improvement in under eye skin in 28 days.


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